Michael Johnson (Apertome)'s landing page

Michael (Apertome) is an electronic musician, photographer, general video guy, sound designer, software/systems engineer and adventurer based in Bloomington, IN.

Apertome (solo) Music

A focus on atmosphere and mood permeates Apertome's music. His solo music ranges from ambient electronic to film scores to electroacoustic to industrial to techno to west coast synthesis, and frequently incorporates field recordings.

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  • Bell Divers Music (with Kurt Zemlicka)

    Kurt and Michael make mostly-ambient, electro-acoustic instrumental music, often involving Kurt providing modular synth ambience, beats, sequences while Michael plays acoustic instruments, which Kurt manipulates in real time. And other stuff.


    Video/Film Scoring

    Michael composed and recorded the score for Eating Cars, an award-winning feature-length independent film.


    • Field recording
    • Sound FX/design
    • Foley

    Contact: apertome (at) gmail (dot) com